Listen & Pre-Order new CD! - Blog post 8/6/18

Hi all. I hope you'll be interested in my next CD. Below is the press release from Edition. You can email me any time with questions or comments. See blog post from 7/6/18 for some background stuff on this CD and look out for some more fun stuff to come. Feel free to share, like and comment on social media too. It all helps! Hope to see you at a gig soon. 


European Jazz at its finest blending Spanish roots, Nordic space and sound with one of the brightest and most talented British bands around. 

Tonadas (simply meaning Tunes) is the lyrical and vibrant new quartet album from saxophonist Julian Argüelles. Drawing on his Spanish roots Argüelles has produced a gem - a beautifully warm, harmonically rich and melodic album, abundant with an elegant tone and absorbing colour. Tonadas has everything you’d want and expect from a contemporary Jazz album, yet it surprises on another level. With shifting turns of phrase and effortlessly flowing band interplay, Argüelles’ growing status as a master composer, bandleader and creator are clear. This music is profoundly joyful and masterfully produced. 

Julian Argüelles tenor and soprano saxophones, percussion 
Ivo Neame piano 
Sam Lasserson double bass 
James Maddren drums, percussion 

Listen before you buy HERE

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