Managing Time

I'm frequently asked how I manage my time. Well, to be honest, it's a constant struggle. 

Like most people I have many commitments; things I have to do, things I like to do, things that I want to do, and things that I should do! Getting the right balance is difficult and never really feels satisfying. It feels more like a compromise that you can live with. Playing, writing and studying music is open ended and you never have enough time for it. The more you put into it the more you receive from it in my experience. But, if you are not careful, it can take over your life in a fairly unhealthy way. As a young man I think I was quite obsessive about it, but I feel I'm a bit more relaxed about it now and value the other things in life, which also positively impacts on the music.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts about this.


photo by Dave Stapleton     

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