Pre-Recording Stuff - Blog post 7/6/18

Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog. Wey hey! My next CD is coming out soon on Edition Records - Tonadas. Thought you might like some background leading up to the recording last November in Italy.

We did a few gigs in Austria and Italy before we went into the studio. For me, playing the new music in gets the best results and it saves precious time sorting little things out with the music too. The Cockney Jazz Pub in Italy was one of those gigs (see last pic) ...great vibe and amazing food thanks to Anna Chiara Brunato! Actually the food and wine on this trip were incredible especially in Italy...of course. The whole band are foodies!!

The recording in Udine was great and I'm really happy with the end result. Stephano Amerio is so quick! Ivo, Sam and James did an amazing job with the new music. Here's a few pics Cathie Rae took in the recording studio back in November 2017. More info on the CD will be coming very soon in conjunction with Edition Records. 



in the studio.

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