Tonadas CD

Tonadas CD


“…the tracks, all originals, mirror the composer's eclectic proclivities. More importantly, the album engages the listener at every level.” 4.5 Stars, All About Jazz. Full review HERE.




  • This is about communication in the ultra class and the three conduct conversations that it’s a real pleasure to be involved with. "Setembro" means the ninth month of the year. This is nevertheless music that can and should be enjoyed throughout the year. So beautiful is it.” TOR HAMMERO (NO). Full Review HERE.

  • "Arguelles’ soprano floats like a cirrus cloud....Watercolors of sound." Jazz Weekly (US) Feb 8, Setembro. Full Review HERE

  • "A frequently beautiful album that fulfils its goals superbly. The quality of the writing, and of the playing, is exceptional throughout" Setembro CD. Review by Ian Mann, 3 January 2018. Full Review HERE.

  • [Julian Argüelles] " of Europe’s most inventive saxophonists" John Fordham, The Guardian, October 2017. Full Review HERE

  • "This beguiling trio brings together three beautifully measured musicians from across Europe to create sounds of a deeply meditative, lyric nature, forging disparate approaches into a ruminative statement that succinctly expresses many of the guiding principles of jazz from the continent." Downbeat Review, Setembro CD, Nov 2017

  • Guardian, 4 star Review for "Setembro" (12/10/17) with Julian, Mario Laginha and Helge Andreas Norbakken HERE

  • Setembro is Jazz album of the week at (13/10/17)

  • 4/5 from UK Vibe for "Setembro" (6/10/17). Click HERE to read full review.

  • 4.5 Star Reveiew from Portugal (in Portuguese) Click HERE

  •  Setembro is CD of the week NDR, playing a track a day! (Week of 6/10/17)

  •  4 Star Review for Setembro, All About Jazz 26/9/17: Click HERE to read full review. 

  • "Setembro" release on Edition Records, 6 October. Mário Laginha piano, myself on saxes and Helge Norbakken on percussion & drums. Featuring Mário's music with two tracks from me. Click HERE to listen & buy CD and for more information. We will tour a few dates in the UK in October. Click HERE for information & to book tickets.

  •  4 Star Review Guardian 13/10/17: "Laginha’s compositions have a chemistry of communal vivacity and of Europe’s most inventive saxophonists..." Read Full review HERE

  • 4/5 from UK Vibe: "This has all the feel and intimacy of an ECM project". Full Review HERE.
  • Downbeat Review: "This beguiling trio brings together three beautifully measured musicians from across Europe to create sounds of a deeply meditative, lyric nature, forging disparate approaches into a ruminative statement that succinctly expresses many of the guiding principles of jazz from the continent." (November 2017 Edition of mag.)
  • 4 Star Review All About Jazz 26/9/17: "Ultimately, this gorgeous album leaves the listener in a state of sublime tranquillity."  Read full review HERE.

Live Reviews Julian's quartet:

Latest live performance review of Tetra from Wolverhampton Arena performance, 20 May 2017 - Full Review HERE

"...Argüelles showed that his playing on tenor and soprano grows ever more imaginative. His concert at the Arena Theatre was high quality from the first note to the last." John Watson, Jazz Journal.

Peter Bacon, JazzBreakfast - Full Review HERE
" of the very finest saxophonists in modern jazz in this – or for that matter in any – country.Julian Arguelles Tetra feat Percy Pursglove, ABH Hall Birmingham,11/6/16

LET IT BE TOLD CD (Basho Records April 2015)

Julian Argüelles and Frankfurt Radio Big Band featuring; Django Bates and Steve Argüelles playing the music of South African Exiles. All arrangements (except track 7) by Julian Argüelles.

Click here for YouTube promo for this critically acclaimed CD. Join mailing list, buy the CD on this site and claim your free and exclusive download. 

"...intelligent arrangements, with its key protagonists performing with skill, soul and adventure. This recording has it all...recommended to anyone you know who gets pleasure from listening to music: jazz or otherwise. An album that inspires the listener to reach out and share. Its invigorating exuberance shines through at every turn."
Mike Gates 5/5
"The indomitably cheerful spirit of South African jazz is revived here...a musical explosion. In all, it’s a joy."  Ivan Hewett, The Telegraph, 4 stars 6/5/15

"...the South African influence on European jazz is an abiding one, and this album is, to my ears, the finest tribute to that influence and those musicians I’ve ever heard. ...the excitement is almost too much to take. Heavens, can this band swing!"
Peter Bacon, Jazz Breakfast, 30/4/15

"...he [Argüelles] perfectly embodies that spirit in a rich, sunshiny big band recording which is both thrilling and, at times, surprisingly moving. A great Summer groove!"
Adrian S Pallant, online review, 28/4/15

"For those who know this music this is a wonderful series of reinventions; for any who don’t, a treat that is sure to inspire further exploration." London Jazz Blog, Jon Turney, 21/4/15

"Argüelles' joyous rearrangements... Enjoy, celebrate & dance in Frankfurt, Cape Town and Frith Street. And never forget." 4 Star, Jazzwise May 2015

"Indestructibly tuneful township jazz" Dave Gelly, The Observer, 4 stars, 30/3/15

Tetra CD Reviews
Released October 16th, 2015 on Whirlwind Recordings

Click HERE for official promo and Click HERE for Album page on Whirlwind Recordings.

"Rich with inventive elegance and palpable atmosphere." 
★★★★ MOJO Magazine (Top 10 albums of 2016 )

"An excellent album that impresses with the quality of both the writing and the playing and ranks right up there with Arguelles' best work"
4.5 stars!! Tetra CD, the Jazz Mann (Ian Mann), 15 Jan 2016. Click HERE for full review

"...this is great music from a great band and everything we have come to expect from Julian Argüelles." Sandy Brown Reviews December, review by Howard Lawes

"...At times Argüelles come across as a composite of Charles Lloyd and Wayne Shorter. A fine recording, then, all round." 4/5 review, 30th November UK Vibe, click HERE for full review by Tim Stenhouse

"’ll struggle to find a better jazz album released in 2015 anywhere than this." October 2015,, 4 Star review(click HERE for full version)

"Tetra is a burst of Golden Sunshine."
Bebop Spoken Here, October 2015 (click HERE for full version)

"...displaying Argüelles’ consistent talent for freewheeling jazz ventures packed with striking compositions.This is a jazz album to its core, yet full of non-generic surprises." John Fordham, Guardian 4 / 5 star review, October 2015
(click HERE for full version)

"’s never easy to keep a tune strong, simple and without sentiment, but this band nail it...surgingly bobtastic... It’s all really rather splendid."
Jazzwise, 4 star review, Andy Robson, November 2015 (click HERE for full version)

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On this CD, Tetra are: Julian Argüelles sax & bandleader and all compositions, Kit Downes piano, Sam Lasserson bass and James Maddren drums. For the latest news, join my mailing list HERE. Follow us on Twitter @julargtetra and Julian @julargjazz

Julian Argüelles is a D’Addario International Performing Artist and performs exclusively on Rico Royal reeds.

Julian Argüelles is a D’Addario International Performing Artist and performs exclusively on Rico Royal reeds.