Festival da Marinha Grande - Mario Laginha & Julian Arguelles

Casa da Cultura Teatro Stephens, R. Bernardino José Gomes 8, 2430-241 M.nha Grande

Rooted in the various traditions of its members, but notoriously modern, this Duo's music follows its own subtle rhythm; It is episodic, full of little pleasures of exploration that mirrors the modus operandi of these two great instrumentalists. The syncopated rhythms and creative improvisation of Portuguese pianist Mário Laginha and British saxophonist Julian Arguelles make a mix of contemporary Euro-jazz, with influences of various styles ranging from fado to folk, as well as classical music. Artistic sheet | Mário Laginha - Piano Julian Argüelles - Saxophone Duration: Approx. 60 m Age Rating | M6 Price | 8 Euro